Middle Distance  - Sunday 6th September 2015


The format will follow closely to to last years (2014) event. All three distances are on Sunday 6th September. 2015 Competitor and Full information will be released soon.


2014 Competitor Information - HERE PDF



We hope your season and training is going well.


We are looking forward to seeing you all at the stunning Ashburnham Place for the Sussex Triathlon on Sunday 22nd June.


Sussex Triathlon is held at:
Ashburnham Place,
East Sussex,
TN33 9NF
1900m Lake swim, 80km Rural Bike course and 20km Run - within the grounds of Ashburham Place

Bike Course Map (PDF)  or Map My Fitness Link

The middle course consists of a 20k loop ( x 4 loops),  (20.3km exactly from transition). The first 12km is challenging with grinding climbs up to Woods Corner, before a fast decent through 6km of stunning Sussex lanes, then a final 400m climb bringing you back onto the North Trade Road which then back into Ashburnham Place.
The run course consists of a 5km loop, 4 loop for the middle distance.
Underfoot conditions for the run course are solid, there are two short sections where the surface is slightly uneven and a couple of sections through a grassy meadow within the Ashburnham grounds. There is one tough climb of about 260m. Normal running trainers are appropriate.

Please note that Ashburnham Place is a Christian Retreat and not open to general admission. We do ask you don't enter the grounds and run. Ashburnham Place have been very supportive letting us use this amazing location for the triathlon.
There are photos from the grounds of Ashburnham Place. Run Course Photos Here

Sunday 6th September 2015

Race timing by UK Sports Timing

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